01 Sep

This holiday weekend I finally saw the highly acclaimed Lee Daniels’ film ‘The Butler’ and it was 100% worth my time!  The film was inspired by the true story of Eugene Allen (aka Cecil Gaines) and although not entirely factual, it was very realistic and included actual events.  What made it most enjoyable is how well they told the story and in such a short timeframe!

It takes you on a journey back in history and offers a great blend of memorable moments in time.  This movie will hit all of your senses; you will be inspired, astounded, shed a few tears and have many belly laughs along the ride.  The cast is incredible and Forest Whitaker (Cecil Gaines), Cuba Gooding Jr, and many of the supporting cast should definitely be nominated for an Oscar.  It would not surprise me if Whitaker actually walks away with an Academy Award.   The movie should also hit the “Best Picture” category for 2013, along with a Lee Daniel nomination for “Best Director“.  If not, we certainly have not come a long way after all.

While many have criticized the film for being a bit too loosely based on facts, the meat of the story was true to form.  Racism was alive and kicking well throughout the 80’s and beyond, which is a reality check.  It was also a shocking reminder, that segregation of public establishments was not abolished (sort of) in the south until 1963.  Another surprising fact…it was only in the late 80’s, when the White House staff was finally able to receive raises and promotions!

Although Allen did not really have two sons and other facts were dramatized, this is expected since it is a movie.  And let me tell you the casting of his son’s (Elijah Kelley & David Oyelowo) was perfection…they both gave stand out performances!  Lee Daniel’s directing was on point and he even managed to make Oprah’s character seems realistic.  That was not an easy task…since we all know her as a talk show host.

If you have not yet seen the film, I urge you to do so.  It is something to remind us all how far we have come…but also how far we still need to go.

Did you see the movie?  If so, what did you think?  Remember to post your comments!  Would love to hear your thoughts.


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