08 Sep

When I heard Jennifer Lopez would return to American Idol as a judge for the finals of season 13….I was elated!  According to sources, a staggering amount of money brought her back.  It is definitely the best 17 million ever spent and the Fox Execs finally made a wise choice.  JLo is clearly the most articulate, beautiful, intelligent and talented judge on television.  No amount of money was too much to bring her back…glad it worked!  She is worth EVERY dime…unlike some of the previous judges:).

The show seemed back on track after the tragic loss of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, when JLo originally joined the cast.  But when she left after just two seasons…it was clear they had a long hard road ahead.  Randy Jackson, Keith Urban, Nicki Minaj and Mariah Carey just did not cut it.  Wait…did I say how thrilled I am to see Nicki leave?  While her music rocks….she was one of the most annoying judges in the history of the show.  Well, at least our votes did seem to count!  Maybe the producers read my Minaj blog last year…LOL!

It was obvious that JLo could have easily been a mentor for the judges with her perfect critiquing skills….but it is great to see her actually back!  The Idol judges will consist of Jennifer Lopez, Keith Urban, and new member Harry Connick, Jr.   Yep it is down to only three judges…and of course host Ryan Seacrest (he will never leave…is he Jamaican?). 

Jimmy Iovine will not return as a mentor to contestants (darn!), but Randy Jackson will replace him.  So, I guess the Producer’s and Fox Execs aren’t perfect….oh well.  At least they did make an amazing mega million dollar decision…bumping out Mariah Carey for JLo!.

What do you think?  Can Jennifer Lopez save Idol?  The show obviously was hanging on for dear life last season.  Please take the poll and chime in.  CHECK OUT THE BEST OF JLO ON IDOL HERE!

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