19 Oct

The recent Government shutdown was a damn joke…but it does not have me laughing.  Politicians can be so self-serving that it literally makes me sick.  But if you think it’s over and “back to business as usual”…think again. You can bet that their egos will certainly get in the way again once this temporary fix plays out in January.

It angers me to think about the thousands of government worker’s and American citizens, who were affected by their lack of commitment to a resolution.  Politicians certainly did not stop their paychecks from flowing in, but left Gov employees sitting on the sidelines, without seeing a dime during this time.  How ridiculous is that?

My mom visited the Social Security Administration office during the shutdown. One devastated employee shared some shocking news while they chatted.  Did you know they were required to work WITHOUT pay during the shutdown?  And vacation time went out the door!  One employee had planned a trip earlier in the year and was told she could not go and had to work for FREE!  How pathetic…did any of Congress cancel their plans?  Not sure…but we know THEY collected a check.

How can this be?  As a real estate agent if I don’t sell a home….NO check!  When will they change this insane system where they can get paid even when their job is NOT done?  This is something in need of addressing ASAP…if not, we will find ourselves in the same situation time and time again. I am a strong believer in NO PAY for NO WORK DONE and FIRE the slackers.

Let’s face it, they held the Obama Health Care Act hostage…but at the cost of “the people”.  Whether you love it or hate it, health care reform has been in process long enough for them to get their s%#@ together.  If they wanted to stall it, they should have gone about it another way and MUCH SOONER.  Why wait until the last day to begin scrambling…how insulting.

It really enrages me and I am certainly not alone.  Most Americans (Republicans and Democrats) can definitely unite on this statement…the Government shutdown was a joke but no one is laughing.  One thing is for sure…they better get it done the next time or will find less tolerable U.S. residents.

Are they trying to create another recession or better yet a complete COLLAPSE of the United States?  Well, it surely feels that way…what do you think?  Post your comments and chime in!



Posted by on October 19, 2013 in HEADLINE NEWS


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  1. Jolene Sailer

    October 20, 2013 at 12:50 am

    Your pictures are so very beautiful Brittaj! 🙂 And, yes I agree with your post %!!

    • brittaj17

      October 20, 2013 at 10:05 am

      Thanks Jolene! The shut down was insane…hope you are well:).


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