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Published 11/18/15

pieMany are wondering why Patti Labelles’ now famous Sweet Potato pies have gone viral.  Well, let’s face it…this is definitely timing.

In a world so full of destruction and violence; a small break from reality is exactly what we all needed.  Hence, the focus around something so simple as a pie.

The viral video posted by James Wright received millions of views within days.  If you haven’t viewed it take a look here and get your laugh on!  He is said to be a part of the reason why so many Walmart stores sold out of the pies within hours.

So for those who believe it’s insane that people are focusing on something as trivial as a pie…it comes down to happiness.  We as humans are naturally designed to desire positivity in our lives…so this fills the void.

And for the unlucky ones who were unable to get a bite into the pie, I can attest…it’s really tasty!  I was able to steal a crumb recently and thoroughly enjoyed it!

As for Ms. Patti Labelle…we wish you continued success and thank you for providing a tiny moment of joy in our lives.  Even if it comes from a pie:).


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