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Published 11/18/15

pieMany are wondering why Patti Labelles’ now famous Sweet Potato pies have gone viral.  Well, let’s face it…this is definitely timing.

In a world so full of destruction and violence; a small break from reality is exactly what we all needed.  Hence, the focus around something so simple as a pie.

The viral video posted by James Wright received millions of views within days.  If you haven’t viewed it take a look here and get your laugh on!  He is said to be a part of the reason why so many Walmart stores sold out of the pies within hours.

So for those who believe it’s insane that people are focusing on something as trivial as a pie…it comes down to happiness.  We as humans are naturally designed to desire positivity in our lives…so this fills the void.

And for the unlucky ones who were unable to get a bite into the pie, I can attest…it’s really tasty!  I was able to steal a crumb recently and thoroughly enjoyed it!

As for Ms. Patti Labelle…we wish you continued success and thank you for providing a tiny moment of joy in our lives.  Even if it comes from a pie:).


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Youtube is notorious for creating instant video sensations and  6-year-old Johanna Colon is no exception.  The little girl’s dance recital has gone viral…already reaching over 15 million views within days.

Her mom Elissa Colon uploaded the video of her performance on Facebook Monday…and probably was stunned to find that it went viral within hours!  Not only did it receive millions of views on Youtube, it was featured on most networks and is a hit around the world.

The sassy routine gave Aretha Franklin something to smile about as little Colon shakes to the popular classic Respect. If you haven’t had your laugh for today, check it out…it will definitely make you smile.

Published 6/9/15 by: Britta Rivera 


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Sorry, it’s been a while since my last blog post.  My real estate world has been so busy that it gives me little time to write.  But today I reflected back on a video I posted on The X Factor long before its demise.  It’s funny to see that all predictions came true.  If only Simon Cowell would have listened to my suggestions, his show may have had the success and longevity of American Idol.  Such a waste of a well produced show, I was sorry to see it canceled in the U.S.

This year the singing competition shows were all a complete bore.  I cringed while watching American Idol and The Voice.  They were both lacking their original magic…so I could only bear watching a few episodes.  The judges were not fresh and the contestants did not have the excitement of past singers.  Was it just me?  Or were you thinking the same thing?

Even the return of Jennifer Lopez to American Idol was clearly disappointing.  While she will forever be my favorite judge on any singing competition show, the chemistry was just not there.  Did she even like Harry Connick, Jr?  JLo even looked slightly bored on several of the shows.  It may have just been a quick payday for her or something to boost her new CD.  But she should have just had a V8:)

Are singing competition shows on the way out?  Probably so.  It will be interesting to see just how long American Idol and The Voice will stick around.  Maybe we are burning out on these type of shows and need something fresh to watch.  Reality TV appears to be strong and not going anywhere anytime soon.  But they may need to find better ways to promote singers in a new light.  Will America’s Got Talent do it this season?  We shall see…


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Blogger Brittaj17

Blogger Brittaj17

It has been a while since my last blog. Many have asked the question “Do you still blog?” Well…that finally inspired me to write again. If you’re a blogger you can probably relate to “writers block”; which is apparently the syndrome I was dealing with for the past few month’s. The thoughts were in my head of many things I wanted to write about, but my fingers refused to cooperate!

So what’s been going on in the world? Well, we all know Simon Cowell shared some good and bad news recently. The self-absorbed ego maniac finally gave birth to a baby boy named Eric (how original).  We are all hopeful this will now remind him that “the world does NOT revolve around Simon”.  However, with the good comes the bad; he also learned his beloved creation The X Factor was canceled after only 3 seasons.  Now this was disappointing to hear, because the production value and talent far exceeded any other singing competition.  Oh well!  I guess The Voice knocked him off his feet.

Other happenings…the return of Jennifer Lopez (aka JLo) to American Idol this season.  It was exhilarating to hear she would join the lackluster team of judges.  She is clearly the best judge of any show and offers the most comprehensive advice.  Unfortunately, for me the show seems VERY flat this year and I’m not sure she can save them.  Idol may need some type of boost or may find themselves on the chopping block along with The X Factor.  It is shocking, since the early rounds showcased some great talent…but they obviously cut the WRONG singers.  The chemistry among judges also seems to be lacking…although Harry Connick Jr can be pretty funny.  Am I alone with these thoughts?  Make sure to chime in.

Did you hear about the Las Vegas gambler?  It was funny to hear that a man apparently consumed over 20 drinks while at the casino and lost over $500k!  Of course, he is doing the “American thing”; suing the casino for loaning him all that cash while intoxicated.  Let’s hope Californian Mark Johnston refrains from gambling while drunk in the future.  Will he win the case?  Probably, since it’s illegal for casino’s to loan money while consumers are intoxicated. Only in America!

Who can forget the outrage felt around the world about the verdict in the “Loud Music Shooting?”  It was very disappointing to hear that teens can be killed over something so trivial and a man can basically “get off” on murder charges.  Let’s face it, Michael Dunn could have called the police and gone about his business.  If he was so fearful for his life, why did he follow them and become a reckless vigilante?  Why do we need police if civilians can run around with guns, shooting people like in the “Wild Wild West”.  There was clearly malice and intent for him to shoot at them so many times.  Did the jury really have to fight about this verdict?  Seriously, this was an “open and shut” case.  Whoever believes this was NOT about race is delusional.   Hoping that 17-year-old Jordan Davis haunts Dunn in his dreams.  That man deserves to suffer for a very long time.

How does a huge airplane come up missing?  Well this is hard to comprehend, but it happened this week.  Apparently Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 lost contact with air control and 239 crew and passengers are now missing.  Wow…it seems like a scene from a movie.  Let’s hope they find it and all are safe.

Of course there has been so much more interesting news.  However, this is just my quick return to the “blogging world“.  Thanks to my loyal follower’s for asking…and inspiring me to write again.  But it is the start of the spring housing market, so let’s hope that does not slow my blogging down again!


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Well, as far as I know all bets were on the right contestant to win The X Factor.  And it was good to see America got it right!  The final three were down to Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt and Chicago’s very own Carlito Olivero.  While they all fought hard until the end, the most unique and talented singers pulled ahead when it counted most.

First let’s begin with the production and entertainment value of the finale.  In my opinion it was more like a holiday concert which is really not my thing.  Although One Direction, the biggest group in the World performed, and fan favorite Pit Bull belted out his hit song “Timber“, it was not enough to outshine this years The Voice” season finale.

It was definitely not my favorite ending of a singing competition show, but the announcement of deserving winner made it all good.  Yes, if you guessed it was Alex & Sierra running away with the $1M recording contract…you are correct!  Their performance of “Say Something” certainly sealed the deal.  I am truly happy for them and know they will have a very long career in the music industry…well, if they can just keep their relationship in check.  This win will absolutely change the dynamics of their lives.

Congrats to the three finalist; they ALL gave 100% until the end and should do well long after The X Factor!

On another note, it was sad to see the very talented Jeff Gutt leave without a win, but he will no longer need to worry.  This also goes for the fighter Carlito Olivero, Chicago and his parents are proud and he will now have the ability to help support them! 

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Chicago’s very own, Carlito Olivero, made it all the way to the finals on The X Factor.  That alone was a triumph for this young man, who fought hard and gave his all, even through the many challenges thrown his way.  Some doubted him…but he kept pushing. His passion and endurance is an inspiration to the youth around the globe.

It was exciting to hear his name called as one of the top three finalists, especially after he fell to the bottom two multiple times.  This is a perfect example of how you can come from poverty and still make something of yourself with hard work and perseverance. How can you not LOVE a fighter?

The judges may have given him harsh critiques along the way, but he took note and made adjustments.  Carlito was hungry for a win and obviously wanted it bad.  There was no stopping him, which even earned him the respect of the sometimes grumpy Simon Cowell.

While Carlito was up against major competition; Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt, getting this far is already a win for this Chicago native.  He will always have a special place in the hearts of many and especially those in the Windy City.  Trust me, the fans are rooting for him and want to see him succeed long after this show.

Go Carlito!  Wishing you all the success you deserve…win or lose on The X Factor, you are already a WINNER to us all.


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The big question for today is…”Who will win The X Factor 2013?”  Well, here ya go ALEX & SIERRA!  If not, I will definitely eat my TV (with hot sauce of course:)

There you have it.  THE END.

UPDATE:  DUH…MY PREDICTION WAS CORRECT.  THIS WAS A NO BRAINER!  Jeff Gutt was really good, but this couple is #1 HOT, #2 UNIQUE, #3 AMAZING!


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