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AMERICAN IDOL season finale was filled with special guest stars and stellar performances.  It was clearly the best show of the year and finally entertaining enough to not hit the fast forward button on my remote.

Guest artists included legendary singers Aretha Franklin and Frankie Valli, followed by Psy, Emeli Sandé, Jesse J,  Idol fan favorites; Jordan Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, Kim Locke and Adam Lambert.  Even past judge Jennifer Lopez showed up with a rocking performance with Pit Bull.   Mariah Carey also performed a medley of her hit songs, but looked as though she could not move with the white wedding dress glued to the stage.

There were funny skits to keep it light which included the guys screaming SABOTAGE!  The ladies did pick them off one-by-one so that was fitting.  Jordan Sparks added a funny line at the end, telling them not to worry….:”Idol rejects have found success on The Voice!”

Well, in the end Abercrombe & Fitch may have not liked that the thin chicks were not in the running for the crown.  Good for the American fans choosing the “curves” over the thin supermodel types. It came down to Kree Harrison and Candice Glover who ran away with the prize.  Can I just point out….she was my early prediction!  The voter’s absolutely got it right and for the first time in six years a female contestant sealed the deal.

Candice Glover proved a point….never give up.  While she tried out multiple times, three was definitely the charm. I was happy to see her win because there is not doubt…she earned it.  Kree was great, but Candice was outstanding.

Several performances stood out, but my favorites were the collaboration of Jesse J along side Amber Holcomb, Jennifer Hudson belting it out with Candice Glover and the always exciting Psy.  It was also great to see Aretha Franklin via satellite, but she looked a bit unhealthy.

It looks like Randy Jackson is finally leaving, which is not really a huge deal. His “dog” and “In it to win it” repeats were getting old and pointless.  But I was really hoping more for a complete makeover and definitely Nicki Minaj packing her bags….but some wishes just don’t come to fruition.

Idol is coming back next season, let’s just hope it is better than season 12.


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American Idol had over 71 million fans vote for their favorite contestants last night, breaking the record for the most number of votes during the Idol top four round.  But with the males dominating the females this season, Haley and Lauren pulled through at the end when it counted most.  This caused an upset, bumping the early favorite James Durbin out of the competition and leaving only one male remaining.

Durbin was the most consistent contestant of the season, so his inability to make the finals was a complete shock.  Jennifer Lopez was brought to tears and Durbin seemed amazed to find himself out of the competition.

It was a tough fight to the finish, but with all the incredible talent, this was one of the most competitive seasons in a long time. The fact that Durbin did not make it to the top three, is probably due to fans assuming he was a sure bet into the finals.

It was unfortunate to see him leave, but I was happy to see Haley push through after all her near misses during the season.  Looks like the final three are Haley, Lauren and Scotty.  Which is a far cry from my original bet, Durbin was definitely on my list to make it all the way.  He was my pick for The American Idol, so now the winner is anyone’s guess.

James Durbin is certain to make it big, so his fans should put away the tissue and just buy his upcoming CD’s.  He was born a star.

Did America get it wrong?


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AMERICAN IDOL has incredible talent this year.  I’m not sure if they are just showing more of the amazing singer’s now, to take focus off the new judges, or if the contestants are just better.  But I am enjoying the show more than ever and this video shows why.

This week several contestants had really sad stories, but they all made it to Hollywood so they had a happy ending.  There was the girl with the voice of an angel, who lost her home in a fire two weeks before trying out for Idol.  The contestant Stefano Langon who had a terrible accident which nearly killed him, who had a smooth soulful voice. But my personal  favorite was the last singer, James Durbin.

James is a 21-year-old from Santa Cruz, CA.  He lost his musician dad at the tender age of nine.  Never really getting to know his dad, because he was always away on tour, made his death extra painful.  James was later diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Autism, which made him a target for bullies as a child. Well let me just say, he rocked it and has a voice similar to previous runner-up Adam Lambert.  He belted out his song and reached the highest of notes, putting tears in your eyes and giving you chills. It was especially touching when he asked Steven Tyler if he could sing “Dream On” and with Tyler’s permission, did just that.  And nailed it, even on the verge of tears.

It is good they all had a happy ending and made it to Hollywood.  Hopefully they will make it through the next round of cuts, so they can continue on with their happiness.  Good job Idol for telling their stories…because everyone has a story if you just ask them.

Check out video with a sampling of the talent of season 10.  Too bad they did not have the videos for tonight posted yet, but this will offer a taste.

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