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Did Simon Cowell finally listen to my message and take my advice?  Well, that’s still a mystery but rumor’s are buzzing that Britney Spears may be getting fired.   According to Us Weekly, Britney is not worth the $15 million dollar paycheck….and I totally agree.

Unfortunately, the revamped pop “Princess” brings absolutely nothing to the table.  While fans love her music and rooted for her after her complete meltdown, she is just not a good judge.  Spears’ limited vocabulary offers contestants a fifth grade critique, that even Honey Boo Boo could give on her worst day.

Let’s face it, Cowell made a hasty decision when shaking it up this season.  When he fired Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger, it was clear he made huge mistake on day one of taping season two.  And to be frank, Demi Lovato is no better than Britney…he needs to let her go too.  While she has a sassy personality and gives Simon a run for the money….it’s getting old very fast.

Sorry Britney fans, but she really does need to go.  Unfortunately, she should stick with singing and leave judging up to the experts.  Best judge ever?  Goes to Jennifer Lopez….she has class, style, and a lot of inspiring words to share with the contestants.  They should take notes on her judging skills.

BYE…BYE…BYE BRITNEY SPEARS.  Hoping this rumor is true.  This was the worst investment of Simon Cowells’ life. Call me Simon…I will judge the show for FREE!

Best decision of Simon Cowells’ career?  Letting Britney go. 


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