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Conservative pundits have attacked President Obama for inviting hip hop singer ‘Common’ to the White House. But Bill Maher fought back, defending the Presidents decision by calling out the opponents and suggesting it’s a racially charged debate.  Others have now joined in the debate and have begun sharing their thoughts on the topic.

CNN invited guests to discuss the debate and many had different opinions. Some feel it is inappropriate for President Obama to have Common as a guest, but their reasoning is questionable.  Others feel there is a motive behind the backlash (you can figure that one out).  Since the singer is considered to be a “clean” rapper with a fairly good reputation, the cause of the uproar is not very clear.  Common is a poetic rapper with an edge and can be controversial, but has never really been viewed as “hard-core”.

Even former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin jumped on the bandwagon, tweeting “Oh lovely, White House” and attached a link to an article critical of the event. Not sure why she would have any say, with all her “issues” seems like she may want to clean up her own act before judging others. I would actually have an issue if she was invited to the White House.

It may be best that I keep my thoughts about this to myself.  This may become a controversy, which could take a lot of time to debate, and I could go on forever.  So I will ask for your thoughts, please feel free to chime in on the matter. 

What do you think?  Does President Obama need to screen his guests better?  Do you see an issue with Common visiting the White House?

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