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Tonight the final seven contestants on The X Factor were sweating bullets, as they slowly announced the  contestants saved by viewer votes.  After last nights Michael Jackson theme, the competition was heated and everyone seemed on edge.

The opening began with the top seven finalists singing the MJ classic “Man In The Mirror”.   Draped behind them were huge photos of the “King of Pop” which then turned to cool video images.  It was a bit of a shakey performance.  Was it me or did they all sound extremely nervous?  Well, with the exception of Melanie Amaro, she is always solid.

Tonight was a huge deal, because the remaining five are much closer to the finish line.  And with the $5 million dollar recording contract at stake, they all wanted it badly.  The first to be saved was Chris Rene then Melanie Amaro, and that was a “no brainer”.  But him calling out Rachel Crow’s name was a shocker!  Sorry…she should have gone home tonight.

It came down to three contestants in the bottom three, and the first to go was Astro which was another shocker. While everyone does not like rap music, his talent was undeniable.  The other two left were Drew and Marcus, who had to sing for survival to fight it out for the judges save. 

Drew had a shakey performance and was clearly emotional.  Marcus on the other hand, actually sounded even worse, which I thought was impossible to do.  This left the judges with only once choice; having to select the one who was most consistent throughout the competition.  But once again, they almost came to a deadlock, leaving it up to Paula.  At first it seemed as though she would count on the viewers votes, but she made a decision rather quickly for once, and you can guess who she picked.

So who went home tonight?  This was actually a huge surprise…the two sent packing was rapper Astro and Drew and neither were on my list.  Do you think Astro missed out due to his “attitude problem”?  Was Drew given the right guidance?  Simon even admitted he may have steered her wrong, and he typically does not accept responsibility for his short comings.

Let the real competition begin, it’s down to Chris Rene, Josh Krajcik, Melanie Amaro, Marcus Canty and Rachel Crow.  Who has the most Twitter follower’s?



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