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Brotha Fred ARRIVES!

All right, so we all now know Drex is officially out at Kiss 103.5, so let’s see what his replacement Brotha Fred has to offer.  On Monday January 17th, the verdict will be in and everyone will be listening.  I am sure, with the huge amount of views on my site regarding the Drex firing, the critics will have their radio’s on.

While I really want to know what you Drex fans have to say about his replacement, all I ask is that you at least give Brotha Fred a chance.  In reviewing his video (check out my blog on Brotha Fred), it appears he has a great presentation, and his voice is not as annoying as Drex.

So tune into Kiss FM (103.5) on Monday and share your thoughts, I would love to hear them!


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Drex Rumors Flying – Cocaine…Really?


So it looks like Chicago radio listeners don’t have much to talk about this Christmas…except why Drex was fired.  Well, rumors are running rampant that it is was due to his cocaine use.  Now this is “alleged” and it may just be a rumor, but it appears his ramblings about doing cocaine all night at his last station, seems to now haunt him.  A few years back, he did a stunt where he quit on the air, after a long discussion on how he did cocaine for hours the night before.

It is not my place to judge so it will be up to you what you take from this info.  Rumors are talked about every day, and many are untrue.  But…I guess the moral to the story is, be careful what you put out there, because it may come back to bite you in your booty!


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KISS 103.5, Brotha Fred Barks!

Brotha Fred has something to bark about!

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Brotha Fred in...Drex out!

The scoop has been announced on the new Kiss 103.5 morning show host, Brotha Fred.  He currently leads the morning show on WIBT-FM (96.1) and co-hosts “Fox News Edge” weeknights on WCCB with Morgan Fogarty.  Looks like Drex is out and Brotha Fred is moving in.

Brotha Fred, whose real name is Frederick Christopher, arrived in Charlotte in July 2006 from a station in Austin, Texas.  He announced his new gig on “Edge” Thursday night, by saying it would be his last appearance on the show.  Brotha Fred is lucky because he will also still be heard on WIBT-FM, where his show from Chicago will be simulcast.

In Chicago, Christopher or “Brotha Fred” will be based at WKSC-FM, which like WIBT-FM, is owned by Clear Channel Radio, which is expected to make a formal announcement of the change Friday morning.

He will be joined by comedian David L, who has been part of the WIBT-FM “Morning Mayhem” crew.  Believe it or not, Angie Taylor, a Chicago radio personality, will  continue on as the third wheel.  Guess she is just happy to still have a job!

Christopher and his crew, will move their morning show home base, to Chicago on Jan. 3, where they will continue to the Charlotte show.  It is speculated that on Jan. 17, the show will go live in Chicago.  Apparently providing Clear Channel with a double dip, is far more of a stretch than Drex had to offer, for his cool $5 million paycheck.

Brotha Fred is quoted as saying, “I think it’s a good opportunity and a great city,”  “It’s the Big Top and I’m going to freeze my butt off!” ALSO WILL LOVE…

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Morgan, Josh & Brotha Fred

DREX FIRED blog has been viewed by so many Drex fans and haters, it has increased my wordpress statistics by over 93,000%!  Wow Chicago Listener’s of the Kiss 103.5 morning show must have been much higher than anticipated.  Check out his replacements photo, Brotha Fred looks and sounds a lot better, but will HE last?

Many are commenting and have a lot to say, seems like some debating is also going on!  Check out the stats below for

1 Dec 145 Dec 153,355 Dec 163,349 Dec 172,666 Dec 18

+93,668,000% increase

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Brotha Fred IN Drex OUT!

All you Kiss 103.5 listener’s….listen up!  There is a new sheriff in town.  According to a reliable source, 3 days after Drex was abruptly fired from the morning show, Brotha Fred has replaced him.

Guess the management had their plan in place when they dumped Drex.  If you are a fan, you may want to forget your dream of them bringing Drex back.  Looks like it will not be happening anytime soon!

What do you think?  Will you give Brotha Fred a chance?  Whoever he is…ALSO WILL LOVE…


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Mr. Trump must have sent out the memo.  The morning show featuring Drex was canceled two days ago, and this seems to have taken over the internet.  More readers have viewed this blog than any other recent posts, combined!  In just over 48 hours over 8000 listeners have checked out the blog and many have posted their thoughts.

Who knew so many people really cared?  If Drex had this much support, it does seem like Clear Channel may have wanted to think this one through a bit more.  What do you think? Would you rally to BRING DREX BACK?

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