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Chicago’s very own, Carlito Olivero, made it all the way to the finals on The X Factor.  That alone was a triumph for this young man, who fought hard and gave his all, even through the many challenges thrown his way.  Some doubted him…but he kept pushing. His passion and endurance is an inspiration to the youth around the globe.

It was exciting to hear his name called as one of the top three finalists, especially after he fell to the bottom two multiple times.  This is a perfect example of how you can come from poverty and still make something of yourself with hard work and perseverance. How can you not LOVE a fighter?

The judges may have given him harsh critiques along the way, but he took note and made adjustments.  Carlito was hungry for a win and obviously wanted it bad.  There was no stopping him, which even earned him the respect of the sometimes grumpy Simon Cowell.

While Carlito was up against major competition; Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt, getting this far is already a win for this Chicago native.  He will always have a special place in the hearts of many and especially those in the Windy City.  Trust me, the fans are rooting for him and want to see him succeed long after this show.

Go Carlito!  Wishing you all the success you deserve…win or lose on The X Factor, you are already a WINNER to us all.


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