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Published 11/18/15

pieMany are wondering why Patti Labelles’ now famous Sweet Potato pies have gone viral.  Well, let’s face it…this is definitely timing.

In a world so full of destruction and violence; a small break from reality is exactly what we all needed.  Hence, the focus around something so simple as a pie.

The viral video posted by James Wright received millions of views within days.  If you haven’t viewed it take a look here and get your laugh on!  He is said to be a part of the reason why so many Walmart stores sold out of the pies within hours.

So for those who believe it’s insane that people are focusing on something as trivial as a pie…it comes down to happiness.  We as humans are naturally designed to desire positivity in our lives…so this fills the void.

And for the unlucky ones who were unable to get a bite into the pie, I can attest…it’s really tasty!  I was able to steal a crumb recently and thoroughly enjoyed it!

As for Ms. Patti Labelle…we wish you continued success and thank you for providing a tiny moment of joy in our lives.  Even if it comes from a pie:).


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Reports suggest gas prices in Chicago will top $6 per gallon this summer. Since it is already over $4 per gallon, that is not surprising.  It is due to supply and demand which typically comes in the summer months, when more people travel.  What really becomes an issue is when gas prices surge, cost of food, clothing, and everything else that rely on delivery also increase.

This makes for a miserable, costly summer for those who enjoy hanging out.  I still wonder what caused the price to climb so quickly.  They say it is the war and high consumer use, but when watching the news tonight, they said U.S. gas usage is down.  Seems like they always find a way to raise the price of gas, no matter what!

Enjoy your expensive summer!

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If you are hungry, need clothes, want to fly to a warm destination, or were looking forward to a long drive to the country to relax, you better do it soon.  Due to the recent severe weather conditions in many parts of the world, pricing on many necessities is expected to rise significantly in the coming months.

Food is expected to increase by 10%, due to the rise in corn pricing since it is used as animal feed.  Heatwaves in Russian and floods in Australia impact many other costs, and cotton prices are already up 150%!  Gas prices will also be hit hard, due to riots and other variables and is expected to increase by 13%.  Many reports show the average person will take a $729 hit, annually, due to these increases.

Looks like the re-runs in the closet will come out again this summer.  Planning to stock up on canned corn since it is my favorite veggie and is expected to increase by 60%!  Of course this also affects your dining out experience, looks like the only thing that will be affordable will be walking to your local White Castle.

First a recession (depression) and now we pay more for food, clothes and gas. What’s next?  What will you stock up on ?

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