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Newly appointed Mayor Raum Emanuel, welcomed GE Capital to Chicago today. The Company announced its plans to bring 1000 new jobs to Chicago over the next three years, hiring 500 within the next year.

This is great news for the many unemployed workers, especially those looking for upper-end positions. The new jobs are said to include, skilled commercial, technical and regulatory positions to support GE Capital, Americas. While the company is now located at 500 W. Monroe, they are currently searching for new office space.

Companies heading to the city are greeted with open arms, due to the limited amount of employers currently hiring. While 1000 jobs won’t even put a dent in the unemployment rate, it still offers opportunities hard to find in this market. There will probably be thousands in line for the jobs, so if you plan to interview, you better have your game face on.

Let’s just hope they don’t follow the bad habit of some other companies, who advertise “Unemployed need not apply”.  This is a cruel and unbelievable practice that needs to end immediately.

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