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AMERICAN IDOL has incredible talent this year.  I’m not sure if they are just showing more of the amazing singer’s now, to take focus off the new judges, or if the contestants are just better.  But I am enjoying the show more than ever and this video shows why.

This week several contestants had really sad stories, but they all made it to Hollywood so they had a happy ending.  There was the girl with the voice of an angel, who lost her home in a fire two weeks before trying out for Idol.  The contestant Stefano Langon who had a terrible accident which nearly killed him, who had a smooth soulful voice. But my personal  favorite was the last singer, James Durbin.

James is a 21-year-old from Santa Cruz, CA.  He lost his musician dad at the tender age of nine.  Never really getting to know his dad, because he was always away on tour, made his death extra painful.  James was later diagnosed with Tourette Syndrome and Autism, which made him a target for bullies as a child. Well let me just say, he rocked it and has a voice similar to previous runner-up Adam Lambert.  He belted out his song and reached the highest of notes, putting tears in your eyes and giving you chills. It was especially touching when he asked Steven Tyler if he could sing “Dream On” and with Tyler’s permission, did just that.  And nailed it, even on the verge of tears.

It is good they all had a happy ending and made it to Hollywood.  Hopefully they will make it through the next round of cuts, so they can continue on with their happiness.  Good job Idol for telling their stories…because everyone has a story if you just ask them.

Check out video with a sampling of the talent of season 10.  Too bad they did not have the videos for tonight posted yet, but this will offer a taste.

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