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AMERICAN IDOL has some of the best talent in years past.  And usually the voter’s seem to get it right.  But tonight DeAndre Brackensick was sent packing, which seemed completely wrong.  This was such a disappointment.

While it was no surprise that Elise and Hollie found themselves in the bottom three, I was shocked to see him there.  As we watched Ryan Seacrest send Hollie back to the “saved couch”, it seemed clear DeAndre would soon follow.  However, Elise squeezed through this round, even though she sang horribly last night and the judges failed to use their one save on him.

It was amazing to hear that Jennifer Lopez was the only one to support DeAndre.  Who could Steven and Randy be saving their “save” for?  The only other person who clearly would need it is Josh, but he has not even come close to going home.  I think it was a huge mistake not to take advantage of the opportunity to keep a talented singer around.  It’s obvious the American public just does not appreciate what it takes to sing a Debarge song.  His performance was flawless and there are not too many singers who could hit those high notes.  He also has one of the widest vocal ranges of anyone in the competition.

Well, with so many incredible singers in one competition, I guess the “best of the best” will have to leave at some point.  Hopefully the voters will not make another mistake by sending the clear frontrunner home before the finale.  That would be Josh of course.

No worries for DeAndre, he will certainly get a record deal in spite of Jimmy Iovines’ negative comments.  While I know Jimmy is the “expert” when it comes to recording artists, “experts” can get it wrong too.  Maybe he needs a hearing aid?

Can you say…Jennifer Hudson?  The voter’s sent her home early too, and look at her now.

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