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The big question for today is…”Who will win The X Factor 2013?”  Well, here ya go ALEX & SIERRA!  If not, I will definitely eat my TV (with hot sauce of course:)

There you have it.  THE END.

UPDATE:  DUH…MY PREDICTION WAS CORRECT.  THIS WAS A NO BRAINER!  Jeff Gutt was really good, but this couple is #1 HOT, #2 UNIQUE, #3 AMAZING!


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The Voice opened the show with a tribute to the Sandy Hook Elementary school shooting victims. They reunited all of this seasons’ contestants who sang the heartfelt song Hallelujah, along with their coaches.  It was definitely a tissue moment, as they stood singing with the 26 victims names held up high for the nation to see.  Very special and touching tribute…and certainly not a dry eye for anyone watching.

Nicholas David was first out to perform for the final time before the winner is crowned.  Singing “Great Balls of Fire” by Jerry Lee Lewis and “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix, he sounded soulful and looked relaxed.  Like the coaches said, it looked like he was having fun but still was in tune.

Cassadee Pope was next out and went back to her game changing song.  She repeated her top-selling iTunes hit, “Over You” , written by her coach.  It once again came across flawless and her dress looked stunning.  The only problem with that performance was that it seemed too safe.  I would have expected her to take more of a chance in the final stretch.  It made me realize just how much she sounds like many artists already on the radio. In my opinion, she needed more of a break-out moment to set her apart.  Even her song “Cry” sounded too similar to the others. Don’t get me wrong…she is still amazing.  

In a surprise reunion they added a bit more stress to the last performer.  They secretly united Terry McDermott with his estranged dad, who he had not seen in four years due to work.  It could have either been a boost to his confidence or something to make him crumble.  As usual, he handled the pressure like a true professional and rocked it again.  Singing “Broken Wings” he started off a bit shaky due to technical problems, but pulled it together quickly and sounded like a star.

Overall they all sounded great and the votes could get split fairly evenly.  The only negative review for tonight is that they were all over the place with performances.  It went from individual performances, to groups, to back- stories, to duets and then full circle.  It did not allow viewer’s to really critique them side-by-side without distractions.  This seemed more like the finale.

Who will win The Voice?  Well, anyone reading my blogs would know I am all in with Terry McDermott.  However, realistically based on tonight it could also be Nicholas or Cassadee.  But remember, if Nicholas wins I will definitely eat my remote control.  Not that he’s not a great singer…I just think the others are better.  If you go by their FACEBOOK PAGE...Cassadee is ahead so far.

On another note; was Christina Aguilera going to Vegas after the show?  What was up with the showgirl outfit with top hat?  Not sure, but she still lacks style after all these year’s of success…very sad.  On a happier note, really enjoyed the “little” Cee Lo….now that was funny!

Remember to vote below on who you think will win The Voice.

THANK YOU VIDEO TO MY BLOG FANS!  Featuring Carly Rae Jepsen of course.


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Tonight was day two of X-Factor and the emotional stories of hopes and dreams fulfilled, keep pouring in.  This time it was Dexter’s turn to receive his second chance and although he almost blew it, he managed to pull it off.

Dexter Haygood told his heart wrenching background of starting his singing career in the 80’s, even releasing an album, to then hitting rock bottom.  Before this opportunity to make a comeback, he could have just given up.  Living from a car and being homeless, after losing his house in a foreclosure, he still found enough courage and enthusiasm to make the audition.  His first song almost hurt his chances, due to his James Brown “cover act” performance, but lucky for him Simon Cowell allowed 15 seconds to redeem himself.  After taking a breath, he reached in deep and belted out a song as though he was truly singing for his life.  In retrospect he really was, because at 49-years-old not too many record labels would be jumping for joy to sign him up.  Good thing Simon saw his passion for music and helped push him through. It was touching to see his emotional response as he received the good news.  

The stand-out singers for the night were two extremely talented women.  Melanie Amaro, an 18-year-old college student had a mesmerizing voice.  When she sang the Beyoncé ballet “Listen”, it was as though the song was written for her.  Caitlin Koch, a 21-year-old Rugby Coach, took the popular Motown hit “Stop In The Name of Love” and completely made it her own.  She turned it into a totally different song and it sounded even better than the original.  Her soulful voice brought tears to Nicole’s eyes and absolutely made chills run through your body.  They were definitely both the best singers of the night.  And to go one step further, Caitlin was the best talent so far.

X-Factor is still working its magic.  Yes, it is similar to American Idol, but if they keep bringing the stories of hopes and dreams fulfilled, it will continue to reach more viewers.  After learning details of the contestants struggles, the audience is certain to vote more than on American Idol to make sure they receive the $5 Million dollar prize.  The huge stakes will clearly make watching until the final show, a must!

Is it just me, or does anyone else still have the song “Young Homie” stuck in their heads.  I still cannot believe the sheer talent of Chris Rene.  Looks like you can now by his original songthey move fast!

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RIHANNA is obviously a slam dunk hit maker, but now she’s having fun with Britney Spears. The new remix featuring them singing the Rihanna smash “S & M”, premiered today on the New York radio station Z100.   It sounds pretty good, but I still like the original version better.

Some of the Tweets about the collaboration have been funny but a bit raunchy. Listen and share your thoughts.  Is Britney a good fit for Rihanna?  Or was she just helping a sister out?  They both are rocking the charts in a number one position, so this can only make it better for sales.


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AMERICAN IDOL contestant Pia Toscano was voted off last week, but put away your tissue. While it was sad to see her breakdown after her final song, she is already in talks with Interscope records to land her first deal.  Reports suggest they are ready to record her first album, even during Idols current taping.

It would not surprise me if producers of American Idol agree to an early release. In years past, the singers had to wait until after the show finished.  However, this year producers have recorded contestants performance songs along the way, to allow a quick sale on iTunes and other outlets. Although some thought Pia’s early exit was shocking, others believe it was planned, in an effort to cash in on her instant fame.

Pia will definitely go a long way in her career, since she will have better backing than the average new artist.



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