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Would this count as greed or plain stupid?  Last year, a Michigan woman won a million dollars in the state lottery, but recently admitted to reporter’s that she continued to collect $200 a month in public assistance.

Amanda Clayton is a 24-year-old is single parent, and must have temporarily lost her mind.  After a local Michigan radio station did a story based on a tip and busted her using a government issued food card, she had no shame in her game.  She openly told them she “deserves the financial aid” because of the added expenses of now owning two homes.  Seriously?

Driving in a new car and pulling up to a new home, then agreeing to speak with the media on camera, was not a smart move. But she frankly told them, “I thought that they would cut me off, but since they didn’t, I thought maybe it was o.k. because I’m not working.”  She dug her grave a bit deeper when she went on to say, “I feel that it’s o.k. because, I mean, I have no income, and I have bills to pay. I have two houses.”

Clayton took the lump sum payout and pocketed about $500,000.  What’s crazy is that current state rules actually begs the question, is she really doing something wrong if she doesn’t have a job?  According to current laws, she technically has no income so probably would qualify.  Say what???

To nip this debate, a Republican lawmaker introduced new legislation, which would trigger a state notification when a resident wins more than $1,000 in the lottery.  Apparently she is not the first to get away with this,  it was earlier discovered that another Michigan resident, Leroy Fick, also continued drawing public assistance after winning.  His situation was worse, because collected it for 11 months, after winning a $2-million lottery jackpot in 2010!

It’s amazing how behind the government is when it comes to these basic common sense laws and technology.  But they focus on things like health care covering birth control pills?  Imagine how much money they could save in wasteful spending, if they updated their systems.

Should we really be mad at her, or the government for allowing this to happen?  It must be like winning the lottery twice!  So who is really the stupid one?  Well they both are, she is for ratting herself out to a local station, and they are for letting this loophole exist.

Clayton is no longer speaking to the media, but her momma is!  The saga continues…

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