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The X Factor USA is heating up as the final 5 contestants fight it out to the finish.  But the judges are also at war, and during the past few weeks one thing has become more clear…Simon Cowell is a bully! 

It’s amazing to watch just how angry Simon gets when the other judges don’t agree with him whole heartedly.  He has been especially cruel to Nicole, bashing her every move.  She seems on the verge of tears just about every week, after he hits hard with his punches.  But he also recently told Paula to “shut up” when she tried to give her opinion on one of his mentee’s performances.  Since she is used to his “bully mentality”, thankfully she seems more immune to him now. 

L.A. Reid seems to get under Simon’s skin, but he is fearless when taking his abuse. This obviously does not sit well with Simon, because you can practically see steam coming out of his ears when L.A. gives it right back.

The problem with Simon coming across as a bully, is that he hired the judges to offer feedback.  But when they try to do exactly what he pays them for, he pounces on them.  Why doesn’t he just judge for himself and get rid of the others if only his opinion counts?

While I like Simon Cowell, his fame and power has obviously gone to his head.  If he does not back off a bit, he may just find himself all alone next season.  Or maybe he will replace them with weak “Yes Sir” judges who have no backbone and repeat everything he says.  Then he can continue to be a bully and run the show.

Simon, if you want to meet your match, look me up.  I’m up for the challenge and bullies don’t scare me!  And you may want to read this message to bullies…to put you on the right track.  It would be good if you show your judges a bit of respect and let them judge, this is why you selected them.


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