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Why Did Drex Get FIRED?

Drex Is Out!

So the big question on the street is “why did Drex get fired?”  Was it a big scandal behind the scenes no-one is talking about?  Was it his 5 year deal with a big fat $5 Million dollar payday? Did he have a blowout with his Program Director?  Was he sleeping with a co-worker? Were his ratings so low, he was not worth the hefty price tag?

Not sure…but one thing is certain, he was only in the first year of his five-year contract.  His time was not up on paper, but for some reason the “higher-ups” found it necessary to cut him before the roast had cooked.  I have tried to find out the scoop and am working with an insider, to spill the beans!

This has many interested in where radio is really going, are popular on-air jocks a thing of the past?  Will stations continue to cut costs until they have nothing left but a microphone, pre-recorded automated voice and CD’s played continuously with your favorite songs.  Or just pay it all to Ryan Seacrest and hope he carries the station on his own.  The three-year $60 million contract he signed, should be the answer to all their questions.  Right?

While this is something only they can answer, one thing is for sure, many seem to have a strong opinion and feel cutting Drex was a BIG MISTAKE.  But I am certain, Management could care less, and will still be enjoying their holiday dinner with steak & lobster, or on a private resort soaking in the sun.




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Drex In the Morning

So real estate has had a rough patch, but appears to be improving.  However, it now seems that the radio industry is catching up.  With more DJ’s getting released than short sales coming on the market, it appears a new casualty “allegedly” took place today, with the release of Drex in the Morning.  Drex had been on Kiss 103.5 for several years (never really counted), and was highly paid and supposedly highly rated.  Truly not sure what happened, but I’ve got to say, I was far more disappointed with the firing of Eddie & Jobo on B96.

Not to be completely rude, but I never really saw what the fuss was about with Drex, and his voice was really annoying.  While it is never a good thing to be fired, especially around the holidays, I really hope he will land another gig…just not in Chicago.

UPDATE: so after Drex was fired, Mel T quit! Loyal for sure, but not a good move in a bad economy.  He was making over $1 million, she was probably at $50K!  Not too many stations hiring right now, so she should have hung in there.  Hope he finds THEM a new gig!

UPDATE 2/27/11:

MORE SCOOP AT see what Lil Drex has to say about it at


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