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Blogger Brittaj17

Blogger Brittaj17

It has been a while since my last blog. Many have asked the question “Do you still blog?” Well…that finally inspired me to write again. If you’re a blogger you can probably relate to “writers block”; which is apparently the syndrome I was dealing with for the past few month’s. The thoughts were in my head of many things I wanted to write about, but my fingers refused to cooperate!

So what’s been going on in the world? Well, we all know Simon Cowell shared some good and bad news recently. The self-absorbed ego maniac finally gave birth to a baby boy named Eric (how original).  We are all hopeful this will now remind him that “the world does NOT revolve around Simon”.  However, with the good comes the bad; he also learned his beloved creation The X Factor was canceled after only 3 seasons.  Now this was disappointing to hear, because the production value and talent far exceeded any other singing competition.  Oh well!  I guess The Voice knocked him off his feet.

Other happenings…the return of Jennifer Lopez (aka JLo) to American Idol this season.  It was exhilarating to hear she would join the lackluster team of judges.  She is clearly the best judge of any show and offers the most comprehensive advice.  Unfortunately, for me the show seems VERY flat this year and I’m not sure she can save them.  Idol may need some type of boost or may find themselves on the chopping block along with The X Factor.  It is shocking, since the early rounds showcased some great talent…but they obviously cut the WRONG singers.  The chemistry among judges also seems to be lacking…although Harry Connick Jr can be pretty funny.  Am I alone with these thoughts?  Make sure to chime in.

Did you hear about the Las Vegas gambler?  It was funny to hear that a man apparently consumed over 20 drinks while at the casino and lost over $500k!  Of course, he is doing the “American thing”; suing the casino for loaning him all that cash while intoxicated.  Let’s hope Californian Mark Johnston refrains from gambling while drunk in the future.  Will he win the case?  Probably, since it’s illegal for casino’s to loan money while consumers are intoxicated. Only in America!

Who can forget the outrage felt around the world about the verdict in the “Loud Music Shooting?”  It was very disappointing to hear that teens can be killed over something so trivial and a man can basically “get off” on murder charges.  Let’s face it, Michael Dunn could have called the police and gone about his business.  If he was so fearful for his life, why did he follow them and become a reckless vigilante?  Why do we need police if civilians can run around with guns, shooting people like in the “Wild Wild West”.  There was clearly malice and intent for him to shoot at them so many times.  Did the jury really have to fight about this verdict?  Seriously, this was an “open and shut” case.  Whoever believes this was NOT about race is delusional.   Hoping that 17-year-old Jordan Davis haunts Dunn in his dreams.  That man deserves to suffer for a very long time.

How does a huge airplane come up missing?  Well this is hard to comprehend, but it happened this week.  Apparently Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 lost contact with air control and 239 crew and passengers are now missing.  Wow…it seems like a scene from a movie.  Let’s hope they find it and all are safe.

Of course there has been so much more interesting news.  However, this is just my quick return to the “blogging world“.  Thanks to my loyal follower’s for asking…and inspiring me to write again.  But it is the start of the spring housing market, so let’s hope that does not slow my blogging down again!


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Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords

CNN is reporting Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords, along with 6-12 other bystanders, have been shot at a grocery store in Tucson, Arizona.

It is another sad day, that someone clearly with issues, would target someone, and end up killing up to twelve innocent bystanders.  The shooter could not possibly have really wanted all of them to die.  There was a meeting taking place, and many were aware the Congresswoman was there, so it is assumed she was the intended target.  A witness has suggested, she was shot directly in the head, as he then shot additional bystanders.  Some news stations are reporting she is currently in surgery, but this is not yet confirmed.

Gabrielle Gifford’s husband Marc Kelly, just released a family photo on Twitter.  They were at the Grand Canyon on vacation.  Hopefully this is not a sign, confirming her death.  Recent updates, have also reported she is now in surgery, so check your local news for the recent information.


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Good thing Fantasia did not succeed with her recent suicide attempt.  It would have been in vain, since sources are now saying her married lover was separated at the time of their

Fantasia-American Idol

relationship.  Although it was quite shocking that she terminated her pregnancy with him during their affair, looks like the “other woman” should have checked her dates, prior to the lawsuit.  It  is said, they were legally separated well before the affair.

Turns out the law in her state which says a spouse can sue someone who is the cause of their marriage, will have to be put on the back burner.  Next time attorney’s may want to check their facts, in advance of taking on a case.  As to the ex-wife (or soon to be), she needs to continue working, because her payday is likely never to happen!

Of course this is all “alleged” in the event of a lawsuit against me for having some facts wrong!

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