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American Idol contestants have all stepped up their game during the final stretch.  With only three weeks left until the finals, the last seven remaining singer’s obviously want it bad.  But in watching the show tonight, one thing was confirmed…the clear winner for me is Jessica Sanchez.

While Josh will definitely give her a run for the money, she is just more versatile.  I can also see her receiving votes from a wider audience which should help her across the finish line.  Josh is an amazing singer and received another standing ovation by the judges tonight.  Unfortunately, he may not be a “cross over” enough singer to secure the full support needed to win.

There are other contestants singing their hearts out and should find success after Idol.  Phillip is a pure entertainer, but is too stuck in being “authentic” and “not enough into pleasing the fans”, just making music.  Elise has a unique voice and has had a few brilliant performances, but is not consistent enough to win. Colton seems ready to record now and should be a part of the top three.  But not sure if he is “too rock”, limiting his voter support.  Skylar should do well in the country world, but something about her is still a bit annoying.  Hollie is a shining star and has an incredible voice, but still needs more experience and guidance.

Each week it becomes anyones game because they truly are “as good as their last performance”.  However, based on the overall performances this season, the most consistent singer prime and ready for the crown…is hands down Jessica Sanchez.

If America gets it right…the top three will be Jessica, Josh and Colton, in that exact order.  Who will leave Idol tomorrow night?  Either Hollie or Elise may be sent packing.

On another note, I am still miffed that the judges did not save Deandre Brackensick.  He would have been in my top three picks for sure.  Since they held “the save” they better use it for Josh or Jessica if needed.  Let’s face it, there is no one else who deserves a save.

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