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Buy a home in 2011, or you may miss out!

It amazes me, how many people continue to rent when the best deals of the decade are out there.  Don’t they know renting is like throwing your money into a black hole?  No tax deductions, no future investment opportunities, no stability, no gain. 

If you have a decent credit score, have a little money saved, and are currently renting, now is the time to call a lender to see if you qualify.   I know many are waiting for the bottom to drop more, but the interest rates may go up, or your favorite home may be gone, if you continue to wait.  In the current market, where home prices and interest rates are incredibly low, there is no reason why people should continue to rent.  Unless of course, they are not in the position to purchase. 

It would be a shame if you waited so long, that you missed out.  So call a lender today to see if you qualify for a home purchase, they may suprise you!

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