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It was announced that 3 of the 4 American Idol judges will leave the show.  The question is….were they kicked off or did they exit by choice?  Well, according to most reports it is suggested they left on their own, but I’m not buying it.  The low ratings this season would likely mean they were forced out.  FINALLY…we can say GOODBYE to Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson!

Keith Urban is the only judge who has not officially announced his departure, but quite frankly he can go too.  He seems like a great guy, but never really added much in terms of feedback or excitement. The move to replace Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler with these mega stars, originally seemed like a good idea.  But as the cat fights began early on with Mariah and Nicki, it was clear this was a terrible decision.

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj obviously contributed to the low ratings this season and that she made my skin crawl from the start.  Her fake accent and colorful nicknames for each contestant got old fast. The continued bashing of the singers added to her tactless approach and fans definitely took notice.  Was she the downfall of AI?  Well, only time will tell.

Mariah was not much better rambling on without substance or constructive feedback.  And how many times did she say “I would have given you a standing ovation but my dress was too tight“.  Seriously, get some clothes that fit already….a millionaire without a proper wardrobe is “not hot“.  She is in her forties not twenties…when will that become clear to her?

The Producer’s are obviously scrambling to find replacements after dismal ratings this season.  Rumors swirling include the addition of Bruno Mars, Jennifer Hudson and the return of Jennifer Lopez.  However, the verdict is still out and with the sudden death of Bruno’s mom this week he may be out. I would personally love to see Hudson join the show, she was a contestant and should have great advice.  It’s likely JLo won’t return but they should hire her as a consultant to coach the judges!  She was clearly the best judge of any singing competition show and could teach them all a thing or two.  Maybe the judges should have taken her advice from above video.

Who would you like to see on Idol next year?  Will you even watch?  Is this the end of an era? Chime in and take the poll below.


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American Idol used to be my favorite singing competition show.  Therefore, it’s so disappointing to watch this year…which is such a shame.  It is just bad timing and AI plain sucks!  The semi-finalist Candace Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison are actually great singers, but it’s just not enough.

Originally it was good to see “girl power” this year, with the ladies booting out all the guys early.  But actually, it is lacking a bit of male energy and they are just too similar in sound leaving the show flat.  All chicks and no dudes is not a good mix.

Last season the loss of Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell was a huge blow.  But Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler somehow managed to keep it alive and exciting.  They had great feedback, which is lacking with the addition of Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Bitchy Minaj.   Is it just me, or do they just repeat themselves…time after time.  The producers need to hire JLo as a judge consultant…seriously.

It will be interesting to see just how badly they get beat by The Voice tonight.  NBC Programming made a smart move, adding an extra day to compete head-to-head with Idol.  I doubt even the holder of a million jobs, Ryan Seacrest can help.  Is he Jamaican?

Tonight Jimmy Iovine selected the first songs for the contestants.  While he has been a good addition and usually is pretty spot on….even his song choices sucked.

The home visit for the remaining three was good to see but unfortunately that was the best part of the show. Of course that is bad news since this is a singing competition.

If they do not get JLo back…they may as well pack their bags. We know Simon Cowell is secretly smiling inside and rearing to get back with The X Factor.  This ship is clearly sinking which is sad to see.  It is far better to end on top….than at the bottom.  Have you seen their ratings lately?  Wow…even The Big Bang Theory is kicking their butt!

If Candace Glover does not win….I will know this is the end of an era.  She is clearly the best of the three left, but who knows if she will get the votes.  Let’s just hope the 50 votes per person helps push her to the top.

What do you think?  Is Idol a hit or miss this year?  Will you watch next year if they continue down this path?  Did Nicki Minaj cause the end of the best shows on Fox?  Take the poll below and chime in.

On another note, did Nicki break into tears tonight?  Maybe it was because she was shocked by electricity…or was that a new weave?


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The verdict is out…99% of all American’s hate Nicki Minaj on American Idol.  Well, this is not truly based on scientific research but close, and “hate’ my be a strong word.  Let’s be clear, according to the early ratings she may still has some fans rooting for her.  The producer’s of American Idol probably selected her due to her huge success as a recording artist, but they may want to reconsider their decision.

Based on tweets, Facebook comments, family and friends, most feel she sucks as a judge.  Her high-pitched voice and ridiculous outfits, combined with her irritating demeanor is a bad mix.  We all certainly miss the classy, beautiful and well-spoken Jennifer Lopez right about now.

They may want to consider doing a Simon Cowell move, by revamping the judges quickly or they may find themselves on their way out.  It is insane that with all the money they pay these judges, they couldn’t find a better panel.

Let’s face it, Randy Jackson should have been booted long ago.  Keith Urban is cute and seems sweet, but lacks personality.  Mariah Carey is better than expected and would be my only choice to keep.

Apparently Nicki Minaj was told she was the lead, because she hogs all the talk time.  Is she now the Producer?   Heck no…so why not sit back and let the other’s join in on the conversation.  I truly miss Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Jennifer Lopez and even Steven Tyler.  At least they had charisma and were great judges.

Wonder if Idol is paying attention to fan feedback….will our votes count?  What do you think?  Chime in and remember to take the poll.  MAYBE THE PRODUCER’S WILL TAKE NOTE.  Is it just me….or does Nicki need to go?  Is it the Nicki show…

Don’t forget to vote on above poll and post your comments.  If you hate Nicki on Idol please share this blog…post it on Facebook, Tweet it and send to all.  Maybe the producer’s will hear us!


Answer Votes Percent
YES 179 93%
NO 12 6%



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The new season of American Idol aired tonight.  Millions tuned in to see if the new judges would have chemistry and if there would be a potential cat fight.  The cast now includes Nicki Minaj, Mariah Carey, and Keith Urban.  But did they gel?

Well, the first portion of the show seemed to drag on with a “Love Fest” between Nicki and Mariah.  It seemed as though they were forcing them to appear amicable.  In my opinion, it went on a bit longer then it should have and became annoying.  Let’s just focus on the contestants already!

The overall chemistry was lackluster and really made me miss Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez. They clearly had more personality, were more polished, and had an immediate connection.  It was hard replacing the special bond between Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul, but they seemed to step up to the plate on day one.

Unfortunately, it may take more time for this new group of judges.  While they called Randy Jackson “the anchor” at one point, their ship sinks if they count on him.  Obviously he rode the wave with their need for a familiar face, because without Paula and Simon is “flavor” is tasteless.

Keith is easy on the eyes, but needs to have a bit more flair.  However, country fans are surely tuning in to see this hit maker and we know how loyal they are.  It was smart to bring him into the mix, but hoping he can loosen up along the way.

It may take a few shows for them to grow on many of us, but let’s hope fans will stick it out. But if tonight is a reflection of the entire season, we all may be disappointed.  Even Ryan Seacrest seemed a bit bored and unlike his usual self.  Hope he does not leave, or the ship will sink.

Overall they still were 100% better than the judging panel on The X Factor…so they should be able to pull it together.  But it better be before Nicki and Mariah knock each other out.

On another note, the singer who went to Mariah camp,Teena Torres, was a clear standout.  Also loved Christina Isabelle and Ashlee Feliciano who should also go far in the competition.  And if only NIcki would keep the British accent going, it sounded MUCH better than her usual whiny voice.  Special shout out for cancer survivor Evan Ruggiero he was actually good, so wish they would have sent him to Hollywood. 

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American Idol season 11 has a reason to celebrate.  He goes by the name of Deandre Brakensick.  The idol contestants are definitely in another caliber this year, but he is undoubtedly the full package. You can mark my words…a star is born.

Brakensick performed one of the hardest songs during his first round with an audience; Reasons by the legendary group, Earth Wind And Fire.  Anyone familiar with this classic knows it’s extremely tough to hit the high notes in tune, but he did just that and more.  What makes him the full package is his charm; he clearly melted the hearts of the girls in the audience, with his smile, hazel eyes and touch, as he tossed his blond lock of curls several times.

This guy is certainly going a long way, not only in the competition, but in his singing career.  It was great to see him handle the pressure of singing in front of a live audience, looking as comfortable as it gets.  Sometimes they break during the early rounds but he held his own, blowing the highest of notes with ease.

Deandre Brakensick is one to watch…the talent is strong this year, but I have a feeling he could make it to the end.  Another stand-out contestant is Joshua Ledet, his voice is powerful and he also rocked the house tonight.  They were my favorites of the evening and both should sail through to the finals…if they keep up the momentum.

It’s just fortunate for him and the viewers that he made the cut this year, which just may in the nick of time.  Because earlier today during an investor conference, the News Corp. Deputy Chairman and President Chase Carey, seemed concerned that the ratings have dropped 20% over last year. But over 19 million are still watching, so don’t let these figures fool you…they are still raking in the cash!

On a side note, Steven Tyler may need a reminder that this is a “kid friendly” show.  While he has a tender side, his foul mouth needs a bit of soap to clean it out, prior to judging the contestants.  Come on dog!

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AMERICAN IDOL is beginning to make me sick. It has now been two weeks in a row that they have shown contestants losing their lunch, or passing out.  What are they feeding these unfortunate souls? 

There is an endless list of incredible singers this year.  Why then are they wasting our time showing them barf or faint.  This is a singing competition not ‘ER’ or ‘Grey’s Anatomy’.  It’s not surprising that the ratings are down.  If they want to get the fans back, they may want to stop with the dramatic scenes of ill singers falling out. 

It amazes me how far shows will go to boost ratings.  But if they want a bit of advice, it may help to get back to the singers, stop with the “Love Fest” and convert back to what made it a success in the first place.  While many criticized Simon Cowell for his harsh “reality checks”, it is exactly what the contestants need to excel.  The music industry is extremely tough and they will need thick skin to make it, so time to give them some “Tough Love”. 

If Steven Tyler, Jennifer Lopez and Randy Jackson don’t step up their game, they may find themselves out of a job (similar to the Simon Axe).  The show truly is beginning to make me sick and it is such a shame.  They have some of the best voices of all seasons combined, so it would be best to stay focused on the singers.

Is it just me, or is it making you sick too?  Come on American Idol, time to get back on track.


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AMERICAN IDOL named its fourth male contestant to win in recent seasons.  Scotty McCreery was an early favorite, and his consistency sealed the deal for him in the end.  McCreery took home the prize as “American Idol” with a record 122 million votes coming in last night.  It would be interesting to see if he blew Lauren away, because in past seasons they hinted at how close they were, but not tonight.

It is not surprising that Scotty won Idol, the show seems to attract a lot of young teens who would vote for a cute boy, ahead of a girl.  Some may have thought Lauren would have received the “girl power” vote, but it’s clear, love conquers the soul.  And the girls were in love with Scotty.

To prove this point, the past four American Idol winners were guys, season 7 – David Cook, season 8 – Kris Allen, season 9 – Lee Dewyze and now season 10 – Scotty McCreery.  When will the girls take the lead again?  Where are the great singers like  Carrie Underwood, Fantasia and Kelly Clarkson?  The girls need to take over next year to balance this out!

The star filled night featured many incredible performances.  The new song performed by Lady Gaga, sounds like it will be another hit.  The Beyoncé slow jam “1 +1” written by the Dream, was a truly dynamic song that she sang beautifully and with a lot of passion.  I absolutely loved her performance. Marc Anthony added great flavor with a rockin latin song along  side of Jennifer Lopez, dancing great as his supportive wife.  And who does not love Steven Tyler singing “Dream On”, it was incredible!

Overall the performances were some of the best of all seasons combined.  It was the top Idol finale in a long time, seems like the new judges and great singers made it easier to swallow the loss of Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul.  But we still miss them just a touch.

On a side note, where was Jimmy Levine tonight?  I thought he was signing on the new Idol?  Seems like he would be there to cheer them on…oh well, he must have been busy.  And Lee Dewyze tweeted he was not asked to perform tonight…not enough record sales?

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