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deniseAnyone watching the finale of ‘Survivor‘ Philippines, after 12 years and 25 seasons, is clearly a die-hard fan. This season had its twists and turns as well as hero’s and villains, which is what keeps it thrilling.  Well, most fans may have felt my disappointment when Malcolm Freberg lost the last challenge; crushing his dreams of making it to the final three.  He was quickly booted out in a surprise move by his early alliance.

After 39 miserable days, the last three to duke it out were “Facts of Life” television star Lisa Welchel, 41-year-old sex therapist, Denise Stapley, and returning player Michael Skupin.  Although Skupin, won the final challenge it was not enough to win the jury votes.

In the end, the toughest female and most deserving of the title “Soul Survivor“, Denise Stapley, ran away with the $1 million dollars.  Despite breaking a “Survivor” record by going to every tribal council throughout the show, she found support from the jury. Most votes went her way and she earned every one of them.  She was a hard competitor and it was clear it was a slam dunk against Lisa and Michael...what were they thinking?

While I loved the hit show “Facts of Life” growing up, it was a bit of a downer that Lisa beat out Malcolm for fan favorite prize.  She walked away with the $100,000, by a close margin of less than 1% of the votes.  It looks like Malcolm may need to go back to his bartending gig, but we should see him again in an upcoming show…it’s obvious that his journey is far from over.

As Denise said, she can do a lot with all that cash in Iowa…so good for her!

On another note; was it just me or did the kiss contestant Sarah Dawson planted on Jeff Probst lips seem creepy.  When she was voted off she kissed his cheek but tonight she went in for some tongue.  At least he covered his tracks by saying his wife kisses better!

Do you have what it takes to be on Survivor?

READ THE FULL RECAP HERE...–philippines–finale-recap—033542374.html

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Survivor ‘Redemption Island’ announced the winner of season 22 tonight.  Rob Mariano, a.k.a.”Boston Rob”, finally won ‘Survivor’ after a decade of playing the game.  He was on the island four times, played over 100 days of his life, but had no won until now.  Many felt Rob was the favorite to win, but it could have also easily gone to the youngest player in Survivor history, Natalie Tenerelli.

It came down to the final three players Natalie, Philip and Rob but we could obviously eliminate the “stealth” crazed one, so it was actually down to two.  Natalie, was hurt by the fact that she went to the end under Rob’s direction, so it easily scratched her off the list, making him a sure thing for the million.

Boston Rob’s wife Amber, previously won the million dollar prize on the season where she met and fell in love with him.  This makes them the first couple to win the game, earning two million dollars combined.

Rob played a strategic game and deserved to win after all these years, so I’m happy he can now relax and enjoy his family.  It was great to see the viewer’s favorite ‘Player of The Season’ award also go to Rob, earning him an additional $100,000.  Go Boston Rob!

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OPRAH WINFREY began a contest last year called Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star to run on her new OWN network. Talk show hopefuls were asked to submit a video on why they should be selected to host their own show. 

The lucky winner, chosen by Oprah, is 26-year-old Zach Anner, who lives in Austin Texas. He is a comedian and writer with Cerebral Palsy. On a recent interview, Anner said although he is in a wheelchair, his family always encouraged him to take advantage of all life has to offer, so he never let it slow him down. He wanted to share with the world his adventures on a travel show and submitted a compeling video with a clip of his idea. He is an inspiration and will show others how to enjoy each day, even if obstacles are in their way.

Anners’ new travel show, “Rollin’ around the World with Zach Anner,” will debut on OWN this summer.  He shared very good advice during his interview; “I would say to anybody who feels bogged down by their obstacles.  Imagine who you are without those and imagine yourself doing what you love to do.  Because that will drive you to do things you never thought you were capable of doing”.

The talk show will be produced by Mark Burnett, who has the “midas touch”. Several of his other hit shows include, ‘Survivor’, ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader’, and ‘Shark Tank’.

Let’s hope Zach has a successful run on OWN T.V., and continues to inspire others.

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