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The CELEBRITY APPRENTICE season finale was tonight, and Donald Trump named John Rich as the winner.  Rich was consistent throughout the season and it was obvious he was passionate about his charity, The St. Jude Foundation.  He worked hard, stayed focused and pulled through even during his glitch during his task tonight.  And his charity is definitely deserving of his high praise, because they help thousands of children and will never turn a child away, which is amazing.

But we cannot overlook the accomplishments of Marlee Matlin.  She had strong arguments about why she should win, including her many obstacles during her lifetime.  Even as a deaf woman being told she was a “one deaf wonder”, she pulled through even after being the youngest and only deaf person in history to win an Academy Award.  Let’s face it, she was only 21-years-old when she won the award and then went on to achieve great things in her career.

It was incredible to see how strong Matlin was during the Celebrity Apprentice, and how she never took “no” for an answer. So although Matlin did not win, she will still be a star in many people’s eyes.  Winning over $1 million dollars in one night for her charity, “Starkey Hearing Foundation”, they will be grateful for her help for many years to come.  And a lot of children will actually be able to hear for a lifetime due to her assistance.

In the end, they were both great and deserved to be in the finals so it was a tough choice.  Congrats to John Rich and a special shout out to Marlee Matlin!  They are both winners in my eyes.

On a side note, what was up with NeNe still being so bitter?  She really does not like Star Jones.  No apology, not even for her behavior? That was surprising.  We really need to see the old NeNe return, she used to be so funny and happy.

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OPRAH WINFREY began a contest last year called Your OWN Show: Oprah’s Search for the Next TV Star to run on her new OWN network. Talk show hopefuls were asked to submit a video on why they should be selected to host their own show. 

The lucky winner, chosen by Oprah, is 26-year-old Zach Anner, who lives in Austin Texas. He is a comedian and writer with Cerebral Palsy. On a recent interview, Anner said although he is in a wheelchair, his family always encouraged him to take advantage of all life has to offer, so he never let it slow him down. He wanted to share with the world his adventures on a travel show and submitted a compeling video with a clip of his idea. He is an inspiration and will show others how to enjoy each day, even if obstacles are in their way.

Anners’ new travel show, “Rollin’ around the World with Zach Anner,” will debut on OWN this summer.  He shared very good advice during his interview; “I would say to anybody who feels bogged down by their obstacles.  Imagine who you are without those and imagine yourself doing what you love to do.  Because that will drive you to do things you never thought you were capable of doing”.

The talk show will be produced by Mark Burnett, who has the “midas touch”. Several of his other hit shows include, ‘Survivor’, ‘The Apprentice’, ‘Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader’, and ‘Shark Tank’.

Let’s hope Zach has a successful run on OWN T.V., and continues to inspire others.

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