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Well, as far as I know all bets were on the right contestant to win The X Factor.  And it was good to see America got it right!  The final three were down to Alex & Sierra, Jeff Gutt and Chicago’s very own Carlito Olivero.  While they all fought hard until the end, the most unique and talented singers pulled ahead when it counted most.

First let’s begin with the production and entertainment value of the finale.  In my opinion it was more like a holiday concert which is really not my thing.  Although One Direction, the biggest group in the World performed, and fan favorite Pit Bull belted out his hit song “Timber“, it was not enough to outshine this years The Voice” season finale.

It was definitely not my favorite ending of a singing competition show, but the announcement of deserving winner made it all good.  Yes, if you guessed it was Alex & Sierra running away with the $1M recording contract…you are correct!  Their performance of “Say Something” certainly sealed the deal.  I am truly happy for them and know they will have a very long career in the music industry…well, if they can just keep their relationship in check.  This win will absolutely change the dynamics of their lives.

Congrats to the three finalist; they ALL gave 100% until the end and should do well long after The X Factor!

On another note, it was sad to see the very talented Jeff Gutt leave without a win, but he will no longer need to worry.  This also goes for the fighter Carlito Olivero, Chicago and his parents are proud and he will now have the ability to help support them! 

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