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Call of Duty Rocks!

I have been off a full week, and got completely hooked on my new Call of Duty game.  During my long hours of playing the game, it made me realize what many kids are doing in their spare time now.  With the on-online option, I ended up playing with many of our younger generation.  They are so excited to be involved in war, and seem addicted to playing, which may be trouble.

Most have headphones which allows us all to hear them during gameplay.  It amazes me what they say during the breaks, and it typically has nothing to do with the game.  Some sound as young as ten years old, and talk about sex and other very “grown-up” things.  They curse, eat, and make very inappropriate comments, which makes me wonder where there parents are.  Do they know what they are saying?  Why would they have bought a child under 18 years old this game?

If you  purchased a Call of Duty game for your kids, spend an hour in their room, and see if it was the right choice.  I can assure you, this may make you think twice about your decision.  It really is not appropriate for kids, and whatever happened to them playing outside or with their friends.

One final note; I still consider it the best game of all time, but just not for kids.

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