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Fans of The Voice are probably still mourning the loss of Amanda Brown last week.  But as they say…the show must go on!  It was down to the last four contestants hoping to make it to the finals next week.  Their performances on the semi-finals, was the last chance to impress the viewer’s.

It was down to Terry McDermott, Cassadee Pope, Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David.  This of course basically left a head-on war between Team Cee Lo (Trevin & Nicholas) and Team Blake (Cassadee & Terry).  

During the opening, fans were treated to a holiday song performed by Michael Bublé.  It was a great way to start the show, but probably did nothing for the nerves of the contestants.

The first contestant to take the stage was 18-year-old Trevin Hunte.  He has been a clear favorite from the start and is charming and likeable.  As usual his voice was impeccable (for the most part).  Singing “Wind Beneath My Wings” was a great song choice for him and perfect match for his voice.  There was a minor pitch problem at the end, but he still deserves to be in the finals.  As he visited his former school in Georgia, it is obvious that he continues to be an inspiration to many.  Coach Cee Lo should be proud.

Next up was Nicholas David. it was good to see they finally cleaned him up.   His beard and hair looked well put together, which made him easier on the eyes.  First he headed to Mall of America in MN, it was good to see him receive praise…because as an initial underdog it makes us root for him.  He took on one of my favorite songs, “You Are So Beautiful”, therefore, it was hard for me to find anything wrong with his performance.  He is such a soulful singer, so it was fitting.

The final remaining female, Cassadee Pope, followed with an amazing rendition of “Stupid Boy“.   She first headed to her home town and was greeted by thousands of fans and family.  Cassadee sounded incredible and even though the song was not familiar to me, she made me a fan of it, which means a lot.  As the last girl standing, she is likely to receive a huge amount of votes.

At last, my favorite to win Terry McDermott was the final singer to perform.  He first went back to New Orleans, his adopted city.  It was clear that he loves his wife and son a lot and has huge fan support.  The surprise reunion with his aunt and uncle was also special to see.  In a final push to get to the finals, he gave a stellar performance of  the classic “Let It Be“.  He was the only singer to give me chills tonight.  Terry rocked it!

Blake brought in his original 16 team members who performed a holiday song and sounded great together. Unfortunately, I hate holiday music so could only take a small dose of this.  Call me Scrooge (thank you DVR)!

So who’s going home tomorrow night?  It could be a close one, with Blake running away with the top two spots;  I absolutely see Cassadee and Terry in the finals.  The toss-up would be between Trevin and Nicholas…but if I were to guess, it should be Nicholas leaving first.  Only because they are both so darn good!

Top three singer’s in the finals...Cassadee, Trevin and Terry.  Who will win The Voice?  Tough call….but my prediction goes to Terry McDermott.  However, one things for sure this year, there is no clear winner…anyone could take it in the end.

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