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The X Factor is down to the final 5 contestants.  Tonight was the most energetic of all shows, since they finally selected current dance songs as the theme.  Finally!  Some of the music I love and they sounded great. The singers had to really step it up tonight, since they had two songs to deliver with perfection tonight. 

And the twist was brutal…after practicing them for a week, they had to switch them the night before!  Trying to prepare them for anything, is necessary but cruel:).

ROUND ONE First song of the night

Melanie Amaro was the first to perform, and actually looked her best since the competition started.  She sounded amazing singing the remix of the hit song by Adele, “Someone Like You”.  Although she said dance music was not her thing, she could have fooled me.  It was a great choice for her and she blew it away.  This is one of my favorite songs by Adele so glad she sang it well!

Rachel Crow actually gave one of her best performances.  While I have been tough on her because she seems the most inconsistent, she did sound good.  It was strange that she sang the hit song “Beautiful Girls” by Bruno Mars, which addresses girls, so I have to agree with L.A. Reid on that one.   But I just love any Bruno song, so you can’t go too wrong with that choice.

Josh Krajcik received mixed reviews after singing the new song by Rihanna “We Found Love”.  I actually thought he sounded incredible.  He is so authentic and could sing anything and get away with it.  This guy is a hit maker and can do no wrong.  They were absolutely wrong if they heard anything other than perfection.

Marcus Canty has become a very good performer.  He is very likeable and sounds good but this was my favorite performance from him.  Singing to the remake of the Chaka khan classic “Aint Nobody”, he was entertaining, but still lacks something.  It is hard to put a finger on what’s missing with him for me.  But he tries and big props to him for that.

Chris Rene sang the popular song by Rihanna, “Live Your Life”.  He is one of the favorites and it is due to his original lyrics.  Although he is not the best singer in the competition, his creativity in song writing will get him far and insure his success. I liked his version.

ROUND TWO Redemption songs-Tonight’s twist made them switch songs at the last-minute

Melanie Amaro slowed it down on her second performance.  Singing Whitney Houston’s (and Mariah Carey’s) hit “When You Believe” with a choir in the backdrop, she gave it her all.  It was a perfect selection, because her making it this far after Simon originally voting her off is a miracle.  She is the most consistent singer, next to Josh…incredible!

Marcus Canty has been in the bottom twice in a row.  So his second song choice was the most important of them all.  He switched his song at the last-minute and he was lucky he did.  It was one of his best performances so far, too bad he probably will be on the “hot seat” again tomorrow. Unfortunately, him singing the inspirational hit “A Song For You” by Donny Hathaway, may not be enough to save him.

Josh Krajcik is at the top of the polls when it comes to voters.  He is the most soulful of them all and his second song choice showed it off.  Him singing The Beatles smash “Something In The Way She Moves” with his unique raspy voice, put him in an entirely different league. And I don’t even typically like The Beatles.  He is incredible and knows how to rock it!

Chris Rene shared his special moment of receiving a call from Stevie wonder prior to his second performance.  His original music is fitting and he has a signature “grunt” in parts which makes him stand out.  I actually like him performing original material better than cover songs.  He is going to be huge…he has another hit on his hands.

Who is going home tomorrow?  I seem to be wrong most nights, but it seems like Rachel and Marcus are going to need to sing for their lives.  Just hoping my top three favorites stick around…Josh, Chris and Melanie.


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