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The Republican Presidential race has heated up and with only limited time to win the voters support, some may fall short.  This may have a lot to do with their push of negative ad campaigns.  Seeing them bash each other is not what I or likely many others truly care about.  All most of us want to know is “What will you do to improve the economy?”  Do we really need to watch them beat each other up and skirt around the real issues?

Well, it may be finally catching up with one of the previous front-runners.  While Newt has been hot and cold along the way, new polls in Iowa and New Hampshire show Rick Santorum is gaining ground, while Newt Gingrich is losing support. This seems funny to me because just two weeks ago I was asking the question, “Rick who?” Mitt Romney on the other hand is pulling ahead even further in New Hampshire.

CNN’s latest poll shows that 25 percent of registered Republicans surveyed said they would support Mitt Romney next week at the Iowa caucuses and 22 percent preferred Ron Paul.  According to the poll, Newt Gingrich is back in the dumps and has lost more than half of his supporter’s.  His numbers fell from 33 percent of possible votes to only 14 percent.  On the other front, Rick Santorum almost tripled his numbers, he shot up from 5% to 16%.  

While I believe their loss in support has a lot to do their negative ad campaigns, it may also have something to do with their spouses.  Sorry, but Newt Gingrich was on a show recently with his wife, and they looked like two washed up Ken & Barbie dolls.  The plastic stiff look of his wife and his perfectly fluffy hair makes them look insincere.  I know we should not judge on looks, but that combined with his shaky past, and loss of staff adds to his problems.

I can’t say who will win at this point, but my guess is Ron Paul may just squeeze by them all.  Although he reminds me of a cartoon character and I cannot imagine him in the White House leading our country, at least he seems honest (as a politician can be).  But can he really last until next year, or will he be ready to retire?

It would be great if they could just stick to what’s important and stop distracting us with crap.  The economy still needs a lot of help and although many blame President Obama, these politicians have not truly conveyed what they would do better.  It’s easy to judge from the other side…

What do you think? 

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ABC News sponsored the last major Republican Presidential Debate tonight.  Candidates have only 24-days left to convince voter’s to choose them; because that’s when the Primary elections begin.  Diane Sawyer and George Stephanopoulos did an incredible job moderating and asked solid questions.  The Twitter questions from the viewer’s were also very well thought out.

Initially the debate headed in the direction of a Mitt Romney versus Newt Gingrich showdown, with the others acting as “back-up singer’s”.  However, as it unfolded there were memorable comebacks from the sidelines. 

One of the stand-out moments is when they were asked if their character (personal life) should be taken into account. Rick Perry had the best response saying; “If you will cheat on your wife, if you will cheat on your spouse, then why wouldn’t you cheat on your business partner, or, why wouldn’t you cheat on anyone for that matter?”  This is exactly why Herman Cain had to step out of the race; this would be a concern for many.  Once a cheater…always a cheater, right?

In watching the Presidential hopefuls from a neutral position, there were several statements that stood out.  Although I do not consider myself Republican nor Democrat, it is still interesting to hear what direction they claim they will take us in.  Listening to each of them, my observations are simply from an “outsiders” perspective.

In my opinion all politicians lie, unfortunately, they cannot win our vote if they tell the absolute truth all the time.  While some may have good intentions, they have to change their stance periodically, based on the polls.  This is the only way to capture enough votes to win.

It is necessary for them to blame President Obama for the current condition of our country.  They cannot bring up the fact that it was a huge mess when he took office; making it impossible to fix all the issues in three years.  They cannot say he has been shut down from every angle, creating challenges to fix our issues.  And of course they cannot blame other Republicans for their short comings, it would not sit well with their party.  Not to say President Obama does everything right, but let’s face it…he was set up for failure (thanks to you know who).

In a quick recap this is what stood out for each candidate and will be talked about at the water cooler on Monday.

Mitt Romney actually was humorous, likeable and looked very “Presidential” with his perfect hair flowing.  I could see him giving great speeches and interacting well with other leaders if he were President.  Overall he came across as a leader, but had several setbacks so he probably won’t see his numbers climb.  The biggest mistake was challenging Rick Perry to a $10,000 bet over a statement in his book.  Not only did Rick Perry reject his offer, it will not sit well with the voter’s.  Treating this amount of money as though it was a “drop in the bucket” will only infuriate the unemployed or lower-middle class.  It also could be viewed as a possibility for him to bet on things while in office.  Imagine him saying to his staff, “I bet you $10,000 the economy will drop further”. BEST tweet of the night; “I bet $10,000 he wishes he could take that comment back!”

Newt Gingrich actually came across better than I expected.  However, although many applauded when he spoke about allowing young poor kids work to make money, it sounded elitist to me. While he may have had good intentions, this coming from a man with a $500,000 credit limit at “Tiffany’s” just does not come across as genuine.  He did overcome the negative press regarding the issue about his recent statement about Palestinians, which was a huge accomplishment.  Therefore, while he rubbed me the wrong way several times, he did change my mind about him because he also seemed sincere with many other topics.  Newts’ numbers probably will continue to climb or at least stay flat.

Michelle Bachman is refreshing when you compare her to Sarah Palin.  At least she sounds smart and seems sincere.  Her only problem is that she mentioned “Herman Cain” one to many times.  If she would have left him out of the equation, her numbers may have gone up after this debate.  However, in the past she was non-existent in my mind, but she did make me take notice tonight.  It still seems like a waste of her time and money to continue, she will definitely not win…but it is good to see at least one woman trying.  And her NewtRomey” punch will stick.

Ron Paul seemed like a quirky old man in the past.  But tonight, although he still had a few goofy moments, he actually made sense with many statements.  It is good to have him keep them on their toes and say exactly what is on his mind.  He seems like a very old man who does not care what people think, so it came across very “real” and sincere.  I could not see him being our President, but he certainly sounds committed to helping change our government.

Rick Perry appears very “Presidential”…at first.  However, although he makes valid points, it is as though he loses focus.  There were several times when he sounds really good, but then drifted off, lessening the impact of his statement.  The only thing he did really well, was not take the bait from Mitt.

Rick Santorum who’s that?

Based on tonight’s debate, the race is definitely down to Romney vs. Gingrich.  The others can save their money and take a nice vacation to a tropical island.

Your opinions are important…maybe ‘they” are watching so please post your vote below.

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According to news reports, Herman Cain has decided to put his run for Presidential candidate on hold.  Well, this is no surprise at all…with all the women coming out of the woodwork, he probably needs this time to explain to his wife and children the real story.  Seriously…could they all be lying?

Cain may have been able to overcome the issue with women alleging sexual harassment, but with this new alleged 13-year affair with Ginger…no deal!  Who admits to giving money to a female friend with “no strings attached”?  And the fact that he never told his wife that he was dishing out their cash, would definitely be a problem.  He needed to fire his Campaign Manager early on, because he was obviously not coached on how best to handle discussions on his “issues”, with the news media.

When Cain spoke with reporters during interviews, he provided some of the worst excuses ever…it was clear that his campaign was over.  While he says it is “on hold”, we all know it is actually a done deal.  Many have different views on whether his personal life matters, during his run for office.  But we all know, a cheater is a cheater.  If he conveniently forgets to tell his wife about supporting another woman, what will he forget to tell the voter’s?

Today he released a statement; “One of the first declarations that I want to make to you today is that I am at peace with my God. I am at peace with my wife, and she is at peace with me”.  Really?

Herman Cain can go back to making Pizza’s…it’s over!  Where do they find these people?

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HERMAN CAIN is probably not thinking that three is a charm today, as new accuser, Ginger White from Atlanta Georgia, has stepped forward.  During an interview on FOX, she claims she had an inappropriate 13 year affair with Cain and knew he was married.  She went on to say it was “simple and not complicated”.  This would make the third accuser in a matter of weeks and a more critical accusation.

Are they all liars?  Is this just a set-up for him to fail?  Two claim sexual harassment and one says an affair…insane!  During his interview with CNN today he said he is most worried about how his family and wife would feel after hearing “more lies”.  How long will his wife stand by his side?

While Cain acknowledges knowing the woman, he adamantly denies having a relationship with her.  This is turning out to be a juicy Presidential campaign, but unfortunately the timing could not be worse.  The U.S. has bigger fish to fry than discussing candidates alleged indiscretions.  Is this a ploy to distract us from the real issues?  Depending on what you read, there is somewhere from 3-5 women now accusing him of something.

With the millions of possible candidates for President, why can’t they find a “decent person” with no dirt to run for office?  Do all Politicians have skeletons in their closet…making this impossible to achieve?  Cain says “he expected things to come out” during the campaign but not lies, and his family should not be subjected to them.  Where has he been?  Ridiculous things always come out during an election campaign…you need tough skin to run and so does your family.  Didn’t he prep them?

Seriously, is this the cream of the crop…they have to know these details when they choose a candidate.  Not sure how you feel, but I’m tired of them thinking we are all idiots.

Look, Cain could be completely innocent, but how does this happen so often to someone with a clean background?

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HERMAN CAIN, is running a losing Presidential campaign and needs to get out.  While five women have now come forward with accusations of his alleged sexual harassment, he keeps changing his story.  First he could not recall it happening and any settlement being paid out, then he magically remembered there was a payout and he did recall the incident.  Who says “you’re as tall as my wife”.  Seriously?

It is important that politicians know how to tell the public “what we want to hear” to win the race.  And we typically vote for the one who pulls our leg the hardest, but this is too soon for so many changes to his story.  As American’s, we are used to the down and dirty political campaigns, but this has to be the worst one in a long time.  While we have no choice but to pick the politician who lies the least, do we now also have to be subjected to this?

I thought they checked their backgrounds before selecting a candidate?  Why didn’t they dig this up?  It is not unusual for negative things to pop up during the campaign, but they had to be aware of this big of a scandal.

Why would this many women come forward to relay this very personal and embarrassing information?  Although we know lies are told everyday, they usually don’t come in droves and settlements paid out if they are innocent.  Especially when he was not even in a political role at the time…he was in the restaurant business for goodness sakes!

It will be interesting to see just how long he will last in the midst of such negative press.  But in my opinion, he should stop wasting supporter’s money and get out now and as gracefully as possible.

If Cain is innocent of these accusations, he obviously should have prepared better comebacks.  Yes she did, no she didn’t…seriously, make up your mind. We are in the middle of a financial crisis and have no time to waste on candidates who should obviously stick to making pizzas.

Save the press conferences about the sexual harassment claims and use them to announce your leaving this race.  And please stop making this about race…this has nothing to do with color.

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According to CNN news reports, Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is expected to resign after the nation’s new coalition government is decided. This new government will be in place for four months and elections will be held in early spring.  This comes soon after he won the important “confidence vote” by Parliament.

Greece currently is in economic and political chaos, so this coalition government will be in charge of the huge task, of saving the nation from bankruptcy.

Let’s hope they get them back on track, because if they default it would affect larger European economies and potentially cause worldwide economic failure.  Greece is a month away from diminishing all their cash, so they better get started quickly!

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Rick Perrys’ speech at the Cornerstone Action’s Annual Fundraising Dinner and Awards Gala in Manchester, New Hampshire, has received a lot of attention.  Since he appears drunk in the video, it has now become a Youtube sensation, reaching over a million views.

Where do they get these candidates anyway?  I watch “The Good Wife” just like everybody else.  It shows the extensive background check they have to go through before running for office.  Don’t they know their skeletons will come crashing out of the closet!

This high exposure for his PR nightmare probably was not his goal when he prepared for this speech.  Today to add to his troubles, he denied leaking the sexual harassment claim against Herman Cain.  But seriously, do politicians have to also become “politically correct” during their campaign now?  So what if he did leak it, isn’t this just a part of the gig?

Next election maybe I will run for President, seeing they seem to let anyone in these days.

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