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Posted by on September 8, 2013 in AMERICAN IDOL BLOGS


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It was announced that 3 of the 4 American Idol judges will leave the show.  The question is….were they kicked off or did they exit by choice?  Well, according to most reports it is suggested they left on their own, but I’m not buying it.  The low ratings this season would likely mean they were forced out.  FINALLY…we can say GOODBYE to Mariah Carey, Nicki Minaj, and Randy Jackson!

Keith Urban is the only judge who has not officially announced his departure, but quite frankly he can go too.  He seems like a great guy, but never really added much in terms of feedback or excitement. The move to replace Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler with these mega stars, originally seemed like a good idea.  But as the cat fights began early on with Mariah and Nicki, it was clear this was a terrible decision.

It’s no secret that Nicki Minaj obviously contributed to the low ratings this season and that she made my skin crawl from the start.  Her fake accent and colorful nicknames for each contestant got old fast. The continued bashing of the singers added to her tactless approach and fans definitely took notice.  Was she the downfall of AI?  Well, only time will tell.

Mariah was not much better rambling on without substance or constructive feedback.  And how many times did she say “I would have given you a standing ovation but my dress was too tight“.  Seriously, get some clothes that fit already….a millionaire without a proper wardrobe is “not hot“.  She is in her forties not twenties…when will that become clear to her?

The Producer’s are obviously scrambling to find replacements after dismal ratings this season.  Rumors swirling include the addition of Bruno Mars, Jennifer Hudson and the return of Jennifer Lopez.  However, the verdict is still out and with the sudden death of Bruno’s mom this week he may be out. I would personally love to see Hudson join the show, she was a contestant and should have great advice.  It’s likely JLo won’t return but they should hire her as a consultant to coach the judges!  She was clearly the best judge of any singing competition show and could teach them all a thing or two.  Maybe the judges should have taken her advice from above video.

Who would you like to see on Idol next year?  Will you even watch?  Is this the end of an era? Chime in and take the poll below.


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AMERICAN IDOL season finale was filled with special guest stars and stellar performances.  It was clearly the best show of the year and finally entertaining enough to not hit the fast forward button on my remote.

Guest artists included legendary singers Aretha Franklin and Frankie Valli, followed by Psy, Emeli Sandé, Jesse J,  Idol fan favorites; Jordan Sparks, Jennifer Hudson, Taylor Hicks, Bo Bice, Kim Locke and Adam Lambert.  Even past judge Jennifer Lopez showed up with a rocking performance with Pit Bull.   Mariah Carey also performed a medley of her hit songs, but looked as though she could not move with the white wedding dress glued to the stage.

There were funny skits to keep it light which included the guys screaming SABOTAGE!  The ladies did pick them off one-by-one so that was fitting.  Jordan Sparks added a funny line at the end, telling them not to worry….:”Idol rejects have found success on The Voice!”

Well, in the end Abercrombe & Fitch may have not liked that the thin chicks were not in the running for the crown.  Good for the American fans choosing the “curves” over the thin supermodel types. It came down to Kree Harrison and Candice Glover who ran away with the prize.  Can I just point out….she was my early prediction!  The voter’s absolutely got it right and for the first time in six years a female contestant sealed the deal.

Candice Glover proved a point….never give up.  While she tried out multiple times, three was definitely the charm. I was happy to see her win because there is not doubt…she earned it.  Kree was great, but Candice was outstanding.

Several performances stood out, but my favorites were the collaboration of Jesse J along side Amber Holcomb, Jennifer Hudson belting it out with Candice Glover and the always exciting Psy.  It was also great to see Aretha Franklin via satellite, but she looked a bit unhealthy.

It looks like Randy Jackson is finally leaving, which is not really a huge deal. His “dog” and “In it to win it” repeats were getting old and pointless.  But I was really hoping more for a complete makeover and definitely Nicki Minaj packing her bags….but some wishes just don’t come to fruition.

Idol is coming back next season, let’s just hope it is better than season 12.


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The Voice went head-to-head with American Idol tonight.  According to early feedback, it appears that the new singing competition, The Voice, may be the winner.  They were smart to add another day and go against their rival on Fox. Tomorrow’s ratings should show a new leader in front of the original master of creating instant super stars.

While Idol was the one who opened the door for signing competition shows, it looks like The Voice may be the one to close it.

I watched both shows and although the earlier seasons of The Voice left me annoyed, the new addition of Usher and Shakira have me watching.  It is far better now that Christina Aguilera has left.

Curious to see the ratings tomorrow….but no doubt Idol will get crushed.  What did you watch?

On another note, if Judith Hill does not win The Voice I will eat 50 Portillo’s hotdogs.  Oh wait…that would be a good thing!   Who went home tonight?  Check it out here…at


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American Idol used to be my favorite singing competition show.  Therefore, it’s so disappointing to watch this year…which is such a shame.  It is just bad timing and AI plain sucks!  The semi-finalist Candace Glover, Angie Miller and Kree Harrison are actually great singers, but it’s just not enough.

Originally it was good to see “girl power” this year, with the ladies booting out all the guys early.  But actually, it is lacking a bit of male energy and they are just too similar in sound leaving the show flat.  All chicks and no dudes is not a good mix.

Last season the loss of Paula Abdul and Simon Cowell was a huge blow.  But Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler somehow managed to keep it alive and exciting.  They had great feedback, which is lacking with the addition of Mariah Carey, Keith Urban and Bitchy Minaj.   Is it just me, or do they just repeat themselves…time after time.  The producers need to hire JLo as a judge consultant…seriously.

It will be interesting to see just how badly they get beat by The Voice tonight.  NBC Programming made a smart move, adding an extra day to compete head-to-head with Idol.  I doubt even the holder of a million jobs, Ryan Seacrest can help.  Is he Jamaican?

Tonight Jimmy Iovine selected the first songs for the contestants.  While he has been a good addition and usually is pretty spot on….even his song choices sucked.

The home visit for the remaining three was good to see but unfortunately that was the best part of the show. Of course that is bad news since this is a singing competition.

If they do not get JLo back…they may as well pack their bags. We know Simon Cowell is secretly smiling inside and rearing to get back with The X Factor.  This ship is clearly sinking which is sad to see.  It is far better to end on top….than at the bottom.  Have you seen their ratings lately?  Wow…even The Big Bang Theory is kicking their butt!

If Candace Glover does not win….I will know this is the end of an era.  She is clearly the best of the three left, but who knows if she will get the votes.  Let’s just hope the 50 votes per person helps push her to the top.

What do you think?  Is Idol a hit or miss this year?  Will you watch next year if they continue down this path?  Did Nicki Minaj cause the end of the best shows on Fox?  Take the poll below and chime in.

On another note, did Nicki break into tears tonight?  Maybe it was because she was shocked by electricity…or was that a new weave?


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American Idol final four ladies rocked it last night.  This left viewers with the tough decision of who will head home and miss out on a chance to win it all.  It came down to Amber Holcomb, Kree Harrison, Candice Glover, and Angie Miller. 

Well, let’s cut to the chase…they are all brilliant singers but one had to go.  It came down to the best singers in the entire competition, Candice and Amber being in the bottom two.  Say what!  America did get it wrong.  

But to everyone’s surprise they finally had to use the SAVE!  Since the judges waited so long to use it, they automatically pulled it out tonight and no one went home.  This seems like a great time, but it still seemed more appropriate early on when Curtis Finch, Jr was sent packing.  We all know one will leave the competition next week anyway.

This now gives them all a final shot to step it up.  The singer who gives a break-out performance will be guaranteed a spot in the finale.  Next week will come down to song choice and determination.

Who will win AI this year?  Take the poll below and chime in.  I am loving the girl power this year…but would be shocked if Candice and Angie were not in the final showdown.

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Posted by on April 25, 2013 in AMERICAN IDOL BLOGS


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American Idol is down to the top 4 girls and this is probably the best remaining contestants in the history of the show.  It will be a tough call on who goes home tonight, but it is certain that the judges will use their tightly held “save”.

The fab four include; Amber Holcomb, Candice Glover, Kree Harrison and Angie Miller.  They all performed well during the all important road to the finals, but if I were to call it Kree may be on the bubble to go home.  She was originally my pick to possibly go all the way and I truly never thought those words would leave my mouth. However, with Amber unleashing her full potential when it counts, there is some stiff competition.

It is probably the most profound thing Randy Jackson has ever said during his stint as a judge, but he was actually right.  Amber is no doubt the most improved of all contestants this year and she now looks like a star.  While the viewers did not seem to “get her’ along the way, I always knew she was an incredible singer.

Although it is finally the year of the ladies and a female is guaranteed to win after six years, this comes at the worst possible time.  Unfortunately, with the addition of the extremely annoying Nicki Minaj, the ratings have continued to slide and viewers are beginning to tune out.

There is also one other problem with the show this year, none of them seem to have the magic of other flamboyant contestants of the past.  I have waited for a Adam Lambert or Fantasia break-out moment and it just has not happened.  The closest it got was the stellar piano performances given by Angie Miller and heartfelt belting of Candice Glover, but it just was not the same.

So who will end up in the finals head-to-head?  This is a hard call, but it just may be an unexpected battle between Angie and Candice.  Although it would not shock me if underdog Amber Holcomb, steps it up and blows Candice out.

Who do you think will win it all?  Vote below and chime it.  Based on recent performances, my prediction is that Angie just may run away with the prize. She is the only true artist this year, and writing her own music helps.


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